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Performance Management

Every organization likes to have a simple, effective appraisal design that not only measures how much has been done, but also how well and how much more we have to go.

Quintesense brings the idea Performance Management Design that blends employee performance measurement with learning and development.


Organizations aim to maximize productivity and output while employees seek job satisfaction and growth. Is it possible to strike a balance between both? Absolutely yes! We help companies create a ‘Win-Win’ situation through our employee engagement programs. Our engagement programs are designed to help organizations achieve sustainable and tangible results.


We develop our training programs with a clear understanding that every organization and every employee in that organization is unique. Hence, their training requirements will also be unique. We study the organization in depth and closely work with the senior management to design highly effective training programs for employees.

Organizations benefit greatly from our programs as these programs help in enhancing skill sets of employees, indentifying areas that need attention from the management and also discovering hidden strengths and potential of the participants.

List of Training Programs

•Communication Skills
•Professional Excellence
•Problem Solving & Decision Making
•Sales Management
•Change Management

•Customer Service
•Project Management
•Managerial Skills
•Stress Management
•Authentic Living

•Leading with Emotional Intelligence
•Change Management
•Team Work / Conflict Resolutions
•Work Life Integration
•HR Communication & Feedback Generation
•FLAME - Learning Workshops
•Diversity Alignment

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